• Jade Jones

YouTuber review: 'CoryxKenshin'

After starting to release content for YouTube in April 2009 at the age of 16, Cory Kenshin was originally a vlogger living in Detroit. Kenshin, better known to fans as "CoryxKenshin," now reviews games on his channel at his home in Michigan, where he moved in 2017.

Kenshin, who is known for RPG horror games, uploaded his first game series after playing "Super Punch Out." His fans soon started to request more gaming videos from Kenshin, and this is when he uploaded his first horror game review in October of 2013. He started out by uploading a review of "White Finger," a survival horror game about waking up in the basement of a warehouse and trying to escape. This video blew up, getting 182,000 views. This is what launched off his deep dive into horror.

Kenshin happens to be notorious for his sometimes long and always unexpected hiatuses, having a total of nine. His longest hiatus lasted nine months, when he took a break from most social media and his long horror uploads came to a halt. After returning to YouTube, he explained that he took this time to relax and give himself a break mentally. In those months, he traveled to Japan and New York with a fellow YouTuber friend, "Dashie."

He has had many accomplishments, including hitting one million subscribers on YouTube on December 15, 2016, with his most recent milestone being the eight million subscriber milestone on December 31, 2020. However, he recently revealed in a recent episode of his on-going series "Cooking with Kenshin" that he will retire from YouTube after hitting 10 million subscribers. Kenshin is also deeply religious, leaving Bibleverses at the outro of all of his videos.

If you're looking for new horror gaming YouTuber, Cory is a perfect recommendation, especially when keeping all of his videos family-friendly.

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