• Hayden Hodges

Worlds 2020 Tournament Takes Place in Shanghai

This year has been pretty bad in the entertainment field due to complications with COVID-19. That being said, the "League of Legends" World Championship, or "Worlds" for short, are still on track. The tournament is being held in the Pudong Stadium in Shanghai this year with virus testing for every player and staff member. The prize pool consists of $2.5 million, plus a portion of all profits earned through the event. Although an in-person audience isn't possible, the event is still being streamed online.

What is "League Of Legends"?

"League of Legends" is a 5v5 strategy game created in 2009 by Riot Games. There are over 150 "Champions," or playable characters, to choose from; before a match, each team chooses five, and bans five to prevent the other team from using them. During matches, the two teams compete to destroy each other's bases. There are three "Lanes" through which a player may travel and a "Jungle" between each lane (see map below). Typically, two players go bottom lane, one goes "mid," one goes top, and one roams through the Jungle to help everyone else. Since its release ten years ago, the game has drawn 112 million monthly players, according to Riot Games.

Who Has Won Previous Worlds Tournaments?

The first tournament was held in Jönköping, Sweden, with the winners being "Fnatic," a team from the United Kingdom. In 2012, it was held in Los Angeles, with the Taiwanese team "Taipei Assassins" taking home the cup. Worlds 2013 was also held in Los Angeles, with the winners being "SK T1" from Korea. "Samsung Galaxy White" took home the cup in 2014 in their home country of South Korea, while "SK T1" won in Berlin in 2015 and in 2016 in Los Angeles. In 2017, Samsung won through their "Samsung Galaxy" team in Beijing. A Chinese team by the name of "Invictus" won in 2018 in South Korea. Finally, "FPX," a Chinese team, won last year in Paris.

What's Happening at Worlds 2020?

Beyond just the tournament bracket, Riot (the publisher/developer of "League of Legends") has previously held huge events in the stadiums used. In 2018, they created "K/DA," a band which helped promote "League" but also was well received beyond anything previously produced by the company. The music video now sits at 379 million views and is the highest viewed video on the official channel. The reason this is important is because after two years of silence, K/DA is set to make a return this year.

As well as K/DA, there will also be a "Worlds"-themed event in-game. This includes limited-time skins, limited-time game modes, and more. It lasts until the end of the tournament and is free to participate in.

What Teams are Playing?

There are 24 teams playing this year, and three are representing North America. These Three are, "TSM," "Team Liquid," and "FlyQuest."

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