• Victoria Nix

Wild Adventures currently hosting 'Great Pumpkin LumiNights’ event

Looking for a fun and festive place to spend your Halloween? The Red & Black recently travelled to Wild Adventures in nearby Valdosta and has the scoop on the park's current Halloween-themed event, "Great Pumpkin LumiNights."

"Great Pumpkin LumiNights" is now open at the park for visitors to come out to enjoy each day from noon-8 p.m. This event is being held from September 27-October 31. There's lots of Halloween decorations and trick-or-treating candy stations for kids to visit.

According to the park's website, ’’Great Pumpkin LumiNights will feature giant animals made of carved pumpkins, including a spider, a 12-foot giraffe, an 11-foot tiger, an 8-foot alligator and more.’’

The park has many events that you and your family will enjoy, such as "Watch The Night Fill With Glow" and "Navigate Through Backlight Glow." Kids can "Paint A Pumpkin" and "Follow The Candy Caravan." Many people even ride the rides at night to get a good view of the park lights and decorations they have around the park.

Below is the Red & Black's slideshow of the event. Read on below for more details on each of these activities.

"Watch The Night Fill With Glow" is that an event in which "Mayor Gourdan and his wife Penelope" take you through "the wilderness, magically transforming pumpkin sculptures into an illuminated jungle of jack-o-lanterns that fill the wild with a mesmerizing glow!’’

"Navigate Through Backlight Glow" is a children's event where you go to a building and they turn off the lights, challenging you to find your way out through the glow-in-the-dark surroundings. "Try not to get turned around as you and your family navigate your way through Mr. Bones' Glow Experience! Chart your path through the dark, following the backlight glow to safety!’ the website advertises.

"Follow the Candy Caravan" is an event where kids can collect candy. "Twice a day, this tasty expedition makes its way through the park, guiding you to a trick-or-treat treasure trove bursting with sweets!’’ the website states.

Read more here about this fun Halloween event at Wild Adventures.

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