• Hannah Kirkland

What Is Pastafarianism?

There are over 4,000 religions known all over the world. These religions include churches, cultures, and movements. Some religions are lesser known and stranger than others. One of these being Pastafarianism- A religion based around having a light-hearted view on religion, and worshipping a Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The Church of The Flying Spaghettis Monster is a social movement that originated in opposition to teaching about intelligent design- or the theory that some higher being had to have made the universe- in school. Bobby Henderson posted a satirical open letter in 2005 to protest about the Kansas State Board of Education's decision to teach about intelligent design in school. After Henderson had posted the letter, it blew up and the Flying Spaghetti Monster became an internet phenomenon.

Many people converted to Pastafarianism after reading the letter, some doing it satirically and some being genuine. According to the FSM lore, The Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe after some heavy drinking. Henderson claims that pirates were the first Pastafarians, and that the only rules to being a Pastafarian is to vow to reject "crazy nonsense", be nice to all sentient things, and to make sure to eat lots of pasta.