• Keyajah Mobley

Opinion: What is Kanye West Going Through?

I'm sure you guys may have seen the most recent news of Kanye West, a rap star and the former ex-husband of Kim Kardashian West, an adult film actress, has been spotted outside of Kim's mansion disguised as a bush. The question surfacing everyone's mind is, "What is going on with Kanye?" Well in the length of this entire story, I will be sharing my exact thoughts.

Given the history of all the things Kanye has previously done to America's black culture, I can truly say this man has always had a problem. Kanye began to spiral around 2013, thinking highly that he was in fact the one and only almighty God, which never did rub me the right way. Kanye had lost his marbles before he had even found them. No one is to blame for his behaviors except for his very own brain. It be your own organs. Truly I wonder the things that go through his mind on a daily basis. Will this affect North West, Kanye's young daughter? Yes, yes it will indeed.

However recently, Kim Kardashian West's security team had called to inform her that her former husband, Mr. Kanye, was outside of her home. Allegedly, Kanye was attempting to sneak in after dropping off his daughter and realizing that Kim's new boo, Pete Davidson was inside the home. I'm assuming that Kanye took the measures he felt he had to take as a man to get his woman back. I personally am not sure why he felt this was necessary considering that Kim made it quite clear for him and the media to know that she never did care for Kanye and that she was only using him for her own personal gain. What a shocker!! I thought he said she wasn't a gold digger! What I don't understand is why he chose a bush, if you're going to be a bush then be a bush and go squat near the other bushes, why are you in the middle of the yard?

In conclusion, Kim Kardashian has always been and always will be a gold digger and the fact that Kanye didn't know this confirms that he has always had a mental health issue. If i knew it, he had to have known.