• Jonathan Miller

What if Cairo Invested in an Ice Rink?

An ice rink would be unique to Cairo as there are not many around. There is one in Tallahassee in Kleman Plaza that is open from December to January, but the nearest one that is open year-round is the Columbus Ice Rink Civic Center in Columbus, Georgia... so what about a local rink?

Kleman Plaza in Tallahassee may come to mind whenever we hear about an ice rink. It's another reason why someone would want to visit Tallahassee, and it helps add to the city's personality, but a flaw with Kleman Plaza is that it is only open for about a month, from December to January.

An ice rink has that potential too in Cairo. It could bring some liveliness to this town, not saying that it is boring, but the town could possibly experience more energy, and can give people a reason to visit Cairo. The rink would have more availability over Kleman Plaza if it was open year-round

Ice skating is pretty much foreign to most of us, and many might be interested in trying something new. It wouldn't hurt too much since the rink would be local and travel won't be as much of a factor.

Also, ice skating could bring new activities to Cairo like figure-skating or ice hockey. The rink can be an influence to Cairo.

The concerns of the rink would be like any other business; will it be successful? The first few weeks of its opening would more than likely be successful, but beyond those few weeks, maybe not as likely, but it all depends on if people continue to enjoy the rink.

An ice rink in Cairo could be a hit or miss, we may not know, but it's just merely a theory.