• Jonathan Miller

What are Some Embarrassing Records in Sports History?

Most teams will always that year that they'll try to forget about because of how humiliating it was. From terrible regular seasons to playoff humiliations, but some teams have records that are nearly unforgettable because of the extent of the embarrassment they made of themselves


In the NFL, there have been 4 current teams that have a winless season. Those teams would be the 1942 and 2008 Detroit Lions, the 1974 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the 1960 Dallas Cowboys, and the 2017 Cleveland Browns. Each team's schedules were about 50/50 in terms of tough and weak opponents.

The 1940 Washington Redskins were embarrassed with a 73-0 NFL championship game against the Chicago Bears. The Bears were called quitters by Washington's owner before the game, so the Bears displayed their disdain with his comment and made the biggest blowout in NFL championship history.


The 2012 Charlotte Bobcats have the worst record in NBA history with a 7-59 record. They finished with a -15,2 net rating, last in offensive and defensive rating, last in points per game, and last in most team-based statistics like two-point and three-point percentage. Their lead scorer, Gerald Henderson, had recorded 15.1 points per game, and nobody on the roster was able to reach six rebounds per game.

In 2007, the Golden State Warriors were able to topple the dominant Dallas Mavericks in the first round.. The Mavericks had gone 67-15 in the regular season, and they were the first overall seed of the western conference. Of course, the Mavericks were in favor to winning the series, but the Warriors planned on ruining the Mavericks' season, even with their 42-40 regular season record. The Warriors won the series 4-2 with an average winning margin of 10 points.


The Washington Capitals can claim the worst record in NHL history with their 8-67-5 record. It was their first season as a team. They had only scored 181 goals in the 80 game schedule, and had 446 goals scored against. Their points leader was Tom Williams with 58 points, and only one goalie was able to get those 8 wins, Ron Low.

In the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Tampa Bay Lightning were swept by the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Lightning had their best season in franchise history with a 62-16-4 record, which had also been the second best record in NHL history. They had to go against the lowest seed of the eastern conference, the Columbus Blue Jackets. Tampa should have easily walked to the second round, but instead, the Blue Jackets upset the Lightning in a 4-0 series sweep.


In regards to teams currently in the MLB, the New York Mets have the worst record with a 40-120-1 record in 1962, but in MLB history, the Cleveland Spiders in 1899 hold the record with a 20-134 record. The Spiders didn't have a terrible history with great seasons and a championship, so this wasn't normal for them. The Mets were an expansion team so New York could have another team since the Giants moved to San Francisco and the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles. The Mets had been 60.5 games behind the San Francisco Giants who had been the NL Champions. Their pitchers had also recorded a new low for the MLB with 23 wins.

In 2004, the New York Yankees were ahead 3-0 in the series against the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS. The Yankees had a commanding lead in the series, but the Red Sox still had fight in them. They won game four, 6-4, in a 12-inning game, then game five, 5-4, in a 14-inning game. Boston would cap the series with a 10-3 win, winning the ALCS, and would later win the World Series. The Red Sox would be the first MLB team to win a series when down three games.