• Jose Salazar

Weird News: Rock collector finds 'Cookie Monster' gemstone in Brazil

California geologist Mike Bowers owns a very unusual gemstone. He had posted a video on Facebook on January 16, and in the video, he opened what looks like an ordinary rock, only to reveal its remarkable insides. He also played the classic "Muppets" and Cookie Monster song "C is for Cookie." Lucas Fassari a gemologist found this cute, cartoonish-looking rock in the Rio Grande do Sul region of Brazil last November.

"I didn't realize that Cookie Monster was so well known and part of the world cultural heritage, it is somewhat uncommon to find a face shape in agates," Bowers explained to LiveScience.

According to LiveScience, the gemstone is an agate quartz; this type of stone is formed of silicon dioxide which develops within cavities in volcanic rocks. Those cavities are made up of gas bubbles in hot lava, and as the lava cools down, water infused with silicon dioxide drains through the the cavities. When the water evaporates, the silicon dioxide is left behind on the cavity walls, creating colorful layers of crystals.

"It is totally unique and awesome to see everyone loving this stone as much as we do," he said.

With numerus offers for the stone, Bowers says he plans to keep this astonishing rock for now.

Check out this clip from Good Morning America to see Bowers' original video.

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