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WBL Student of the Month: James Cartwright

(Left-Right) Tracy Harrison Monrovia's Production Planning Coach, James Cartwright CHS CCA WBL Student of the Month for November 2021, Jason Mercer Monrovia's Canning Coach, and Michelle Ausley WBL Coordinator/Interim of the Cairo High School College and Career Academy

Congratulations to Cairo High School Work-Based Learning (WBL) Student of the Month for November 2021, senior James Cartwright, who is currently a paid intern at Monrovia of Cairo.

This year, Monorovia has partnered with Cairo High School's WBL program to offer paid internships to students who work with the company.

Tara Colbert, Monorovia's Human Resources Coach, described the partnership as "an amazing experience," stating that "The students in this program are respectful, highly skilled, and reliable."

WBL Coordinator Mrs. Michelle Ausley spoke highly of James:

"What an honor to have James in our WBL program. James has shown much maturity for a young man his age. He does not hesitate to ask questions, he is polite, responsible, and dependable. When you think of Soft Skills, James is a perfect example."

Tracy Harrison Monrovia's Production Planning Coach also had high praise for James:

"James has been a valuable part of our team in production at Monrovia," she said. "His attitude and strong work ethic have benefited our team. He represents the great potential of our future workforce."

Working as an intern with Monorovias has been an excellent opportunity and a great learning experience for the students involved. They put so much heart and hard work into this program, and it isn't going unseen.

James said that he is very thankful for the opportunity to work with Monrovia and that the WBL program has taught him responsibility:

I’m honored to receive recognition from the work-based learning program for the effort I have put forward that will drive me to excel in my future endeavors," he said. "The Craftsmen at Monrovia have shown me a work ethic to aspire. I would like to thank Mrs. Ausley, the work-based learning program, and Monrovia for the opportunity to participate and the great experience."

Located off Highway 1579, Monrovia's organization primarily operates in the Landscape Counseling and Planning business/industry within the Agricultural Services sector.

According to Mrs. Ausley, WBL is designed to create a system that is industry-driven where employers and their representatives help set occupational skills standards, collaborate on curriculum, provide work experience and work place mentors for students, and certify mastery of skills leading to the award of a skill certificate.

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