• Bella Molique

WBL program recognizes Youth Apprenticeship completers

Congratulations to Cairo High School Class of 2019 graduates Matthew Dorsey and Austin Mobley for completing their Work-Based Learning (WBL) Apprenticeships with the Cairo Fire Department and Tall Timber’s Research Station.

Both of these completers participated in YAP (Youth Apprenticeship Program), a specific category of WBL in which students collaborate with a local business in order to create a business partnership and work to earn post-secondary credit and the experience they need for when working in the field for their jobs.

WBL Coordinator Mrs. Michelle Ausley praised the work of both Matthew and Austin, stating that "These two showed motivation, dedication, and determination during their senior year. I knew they would, and I know they will continue to be a success and make their alumni proud.”

Matthew Dorsey (Class of 2019), Youth Apprenticeship completer with the Cairo Fire Department

Matthew Dorsey has worked with the Cairo Fire Department since 2019. He received his Firefighter 1 certification while enrolled in WBL his senior year, and after graduation, Matthew went on to earn his Firefighter 2, Fire and Life safety educator, and EMT license.

Matthew told the Red & Black, “I want to thank Mrs. Ausley, CHS WBL, and Cairo Fire Department for allowing me to gain on-the-job experience during my senior year of high school. Looking back on it, without that experience I gained I would not be where I am today."

Working with the Work-Based-Learning program actually allowed Matthew to get all of the certificates required to be a full-time firefighter immediately after graduation.

Mrs. Ausley described Matthew as having "all the qualities of what a WBL student should model."

Austin Mobley (Class of 2019) Youth Apprenticeship completer at Tall Timber's Research Station

Austin Mobley worked as an agricultural helper with Baypole Farms during his senior year at Cairo High and later used that WBL experience to help land his current position as a Land Manager Technician at Tall Timber’s Research Station.

After graduating from CHS, Austin earned his Associate's Degree in Land, Forest, and Wildlife Management from Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) in Thomasville. While pursuing his degree, he began an internship at Tall Timer's Research Station, eventually earning an offer for a full-time position from his boss, Mr. Eric Staller.

Austin said that the WBL program "helped [him] learn major work ethics, how to be responsible with [his] job, being respectful, doing right, and most of all being on time." He added that "WBL is something everyone should go through to help make jobs great knowing places are hiring young students/adults who have learned how to maintain such a good work ethic."

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