• Red & Black Staff

Videos: 2020 Black History speaker Jimmie Gardner sits down with the Red & Black, gets feedback

Following the Black History Program on Friday, February 21, guest speaker Mr. Jimmie Gardner sat down with two of our Red & Black staff members, sophomore Emily Johnson and junior Mary Harrison, as well as senior SAGE Club member E'mond Jones, for an interview to discuss his life experiences and advice for young people today in greater detail.

Some of the questions discussed included how Mr. Gardner was able to stay positive during his long years of wrongful incarceration, how the world was changed when he was released, and advice for young people who may find themselves facing legal troubles.

Please enjoy the video interview (approx. 20 minutes in length) below. (l-r: Emily Johnson, Mr. Gardner, E'mond Jones, Mary Harrison).

Following the interview, Mr. Gardner spoke with several other members of the Red & Black, as well as adviser and journalism teacher Mr. Layton Smith, about their biggest takeaways from the speech.

In addition to speaking with members of the Red & Black, Mr. Gardner wanted to get feedback from other students at CHS who were in attendance for his speech. Seen below, Mr. Gardner interviews a few students to learn how his speech will impact their lives moving forward.

Mr. Gardner also spoke with SAGE Club sponsor and CHS Science teacher Ms. Royale Armstrong, who had helped arrange for him to speak with students at CHS, in order to get her biggest takeaways, as well as her thoughts on students' reactions.

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