• Kymeria Austin

US exceeds 400,000 Coronavirus deaths

The United States, on Tuesday, January 19, 2021, surpassed 24 million known COVID-19 infections and 400,000 lives lost since the nations' first documented death in February of 2020, according to the nation's tally.

The country has averaged more than 200,000 new cases and 3,220 deaths per day over the past week alone and has the highest Coronavirus death toll in the world.

President Joe Biden on Tuesday led a national memorial observance on the eve of his inauguration to honor the 400,000 Americans who have perished from the virus, according to Reuters.

According to the CDC, "As the COVID-19 death toll continues to reach new heights, public health experts are begging Americans to mask up and socially distance more ahead of the holidays." With the vaccine currently being administered only to particular citizens, these measures won't last forever.

Everyone should follow all safety precautions, sanitize more often, and keep a 6-feet distance from one another in order to help prevent possible spread.

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