• Perla Tiburcio

Two juice recipes for post-workouts and weight loss

We all have New Year resolutions and goals we want to accomplish. Many people have decided to make 2020 their year for a physical transformation for their body. Exercising will probably be the best method to losing weight effectively. We all know that going a long time without any physical activity causes our body to hurt and feel post exercise soreness as soon as we get our body exercising again. Here are some juices you can make do relieve the soreness after exercising.

Minty Apple and Kale Juice

Apples are high in fiber, which will decrease your appetite. An article from livestrong.com states,” Fiber swells in your stomach, leaving you feeling fuller with less food." This is good because after your run or exercise you won’t get too hungry too fast. Kale is also a beneficial part of this juice because it reduces the inflammation that was created during your workout.


  • (6) Kale leaves

  • (1)Cucumber

  • (1) Green apple

  • Few chunks of pineapple

  • Couple of mint leaves

Sweet Pineapple and Celery Juice

This juice will reduce inflammation on your sore muscles after a workout. Celery is a great source of Vitamin K which is important for bone metabolism. Pineapple is full of Vitamin C and should always be a go too because it reduces the time of recovery from exercising and even from surgery! You can find out other benefits of pineapples at at healthline.com.


  • (¼) Pineapples

  • (6-8) Ribs of celery

  • (1)Fennel

  • (1)Cucumber

  • (1) 1-inch ginger root

  • A handful of mint leaves

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