• David Smith

TV series review: 'Black Summer'

On April 11, 2019, the zombie apocalyptic television show "Black Summer" was released on Netflix. So far the series only has eight episodes, so you may be able to catch up with the series if you begin watching it.

In the beginning of the first episode, people are being evacuated from an area after going through a series of tests. The viewer learns that there is something in the air which, if a person is exposed to through an open wound, will turn the person into a zombie.

The main character is Rose, who is played by Jamie King, an American actress and model. Her acting career is very slim, since she has just begun her acting career.

In the film, she and her husband, as well as her daughter, are planning to leave the infested area. As the daughter gets examined by the army, the father began to become nervous. He is then inspected and eliminated by the armed military men after being found to have a wound on his stomach.

The reason for the infection is that the man had undergone surgery and had not healed within the time that the apocalypse had begun. His wife was then saved by a former soldier who was on his way to the stadium.

The stadium is the closest safe zone that can help the infected; also they will be evacuating the city in a certain amount of time. This is causing people to act violently and steal things such as vehicles and even gas for the vehicles.

The musical composer of the series is Alac Puro, also known as Alec Püre, who is an American drummer, songwriter and composer. He is mainly known for making music for his career, as well as composing music for certain films like this one.

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