• Keyajah Mobley

Opinion: Top 5 Artists of 2022

Music can have such an emotional hold on a person. Sometimes the only escape for others is listening or making music. It's shown and proved through many songs released by these talented artists. It takes a lot of talent and pure heart to move the soul of those who are dealing with what's being expressed in a song. That's why it's so important to give these artists their well-deserved props. These are my five picks of musical artist and their best work.

The first person on my list is identified as a rapper, and his name is Polo G. He writes music that could really move you as long as you actually listen to it. His beats aren't always over the top and most of the time its calm and chill. His talent is more in his lyrics than anything else, he does a great job of painting pictures with his words. A great way of showing this is his, "Hall of Fame," albums one and two. Using imagery in his music is a great way to insight others about his struggles and help them to not make the mistakes he does. He preaches about things rappers should preach about. I couldn't pick a favorite song from this artists even if I tried, they're all so good.

The next Artist in line is Billie Eilish. She's a singer who creates in-depth music. It's a lot different from most artists music, but it's good nevertheless. She's very talented with the different pitches her voice can go in and the way she matches the tone of her voice to the beat of her music. I think she can be known for her beats as well as her lyrics. She creates slow songs, mostly sad. Her music tells a story rather than trying to get a message out. Her music can really touch those that have been in the position of the story she's telling. My favorite song from her would have to be between Listen Before I Go and Your Power. Both incredible songs that tells a heart wrenching story.

Another rapper whose music helps me emotionally is DaBaby. He's more of a rapper than an artist since he doesn't really tell a story or paint a picture. Sometimes that's all you need though and more people would pull towards him for his beats since their so upbeat anyway. His music is more for an uplifting dance and some energetic fun. When I listen to his music, I don't really feed into the lyrics much, but I do learn them and rap it with him; its very catchy music. He also does a lot of collabs with a lot of equally energetic rappers which makes his music more known and his face more seen. My favorite song by him is Jump. Its an very upbeat song that he did with NBA Youngboy and I love every minute of that song.

My next top pick is Shawn Mendes. He's an songwriter and singer who pours whis heart out on whatever piece hes writing. He writes love and breakup songs. His lyrics are very captivating and heart warming. His songs aren't really about painting a picture and more about showing that words have feelings. His beats aren't over the top because he wants you to feel and hear his words. His lyrics come from within and it shows throughout the song. You have no choice but to listen to him sing. My favorite song at the moment is It'll Be Okay. Its a very beautiful heart break song.

Last artist on my list is an older 2000s artist who is just now coming back around after her long break from music. Adele is a singer who clearly writes her own music. She portrays emotion through her songs and clearly tells her story. She writes heartbreak and love songs but recently she's been expressing herself more and more through her lyrics. Her beats aren't really too crazy for the style of writing she's going for. Its clear she wants her story o be heard and wants to help reach out to others in similar situations. Her music really does touch an emotional level for many including me. She paints a clear image of the struggles and pain caused by different things in her life and the life of others. My favorite song by her is My Little Love. It beautifully shows the way dealing with your own emotional struggles and trying to raise another can be hard.