• Hayden Hodges

'Thunder Over South Georgia' held at Moody Air Force Base

On Nov. 2, 2019, Moody Air Force Base, located just north of Valdosta, Ga., held an event called "Thunder Over South Georgia." It included the world-renowned Blue Angels, as well as several other planes and jets. The event was free to the public, and gates opened at 8:30. Although the main focus was the Blue Angels, the event held many shows leading up to them, such as other plane shows, including the Smoke N Thunder jet truck and the Wings of Blue Parachute Team.

The Blue Angels soaring through the sky's of Moody Air Force Base

Although the event was free, it was advised to bring money. Food and beverages were sold at a steep price, as well as souvenirs. People were also advised to bring fold-able chairs to sit and watch the shows; they were also sold at the venue for those who didn't bring one. They also sold earplugs, which seemed to be essential for smaller children.

A Tanker Plane followed by two Helicopters

One interesting and funny problem with the event was that when navigating to the event using Google maps, you would be led into the middle of a patch of woods several miles away. Several people who planned to attend the Air Show were led incorrectly and were taken to the middle of nowhere. This angered some people, while others found comedic value in it.

Overall, "Thunder Over South Georgia" seemed to turned out to be a huge success. Although the event had its issues, it was a fun way to get out for the weekend.