• Emily Johnson

Three CHS teachers receive classroom grants from Envision Credit Union

(l-r) Ms. Katherine Foote and Mrs. Janette Burkes in Mrs. Burkes' classroom. The teachers plan to use their grant money to purchase tablets for their students to use.

Last October, Cairo High School Special Education/Resource teachers Mrs. Janette Burkes and Ms. Katherine Foote, as well as Construction teacher Mr. Yancy Burkes, applied for $500 classroom grants being offered by Envision Credit Union. On Friday, March 6, the teachers were notified that they had won the grants for their classrooms and students.

Mrs. Kellie Merck from Envision Credit Union visited the campus on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, to present the recipients with a goodie bag and a Visa Gift Card in the amount of $500.

Mrs. Burkes and Ms. Foote told the Red & Black that they plan to use this grant for more technology resources and devices since they frequently use assisted technology in their classrooms. Specifically, they are hoping to purchase up to twelve Fire Tablets which are on sale for $50 on Amazon. They often use programs such as Kahoot, USATestPrep, MobyMax, Math Antics, and YouTube Tutorials. The teachers state that the technology will be used for Special Education/Resource classrooms, since they are both Special Education/Resource teachers.

Between Mrs. Foote and Mrs. Burkes' classrooms, there are only nine desktop computers, but they currently have twelve students total, which means that in order to incorporate technology, some students often have to use their phones, which is not ideal. The grant will help solve this problem.

Mrs. Burkes said it was a special moment being presented the grant last Friday:

"That was very exciting for both of us because I am a new, first year teacher. It was exciting because I have never received a grant for teaching," said Mrs. Burkes. "I've always been hesitant to apply. I've never applied for them before, and had I realized it would be so simple, I would have been doing it all along," Mrs. Foote adds.

Mr. Yancy Burkes is presented his grant on March 10

Mr. Burkes also won a $500 grant for his Construction classroom. According to Mrs. Burkes, his students use mostly donated tools, which are often older and worn. He is hoping to purchase some new tools for his students using the funds, preferably battery-powered, or possibly one larger tool. Specifically, he may purchase a new jigsaw for his classroom.

Mr. Burkes and his students often collaborate with other departments, such as Art, so these new tools may go a long way in improving instruction and engaging our students at CHS.

Congratulations to these teachers for applying and winning these grants, and thank you to Envision Credit Union for supporting our students and teachers of Cairo High School!

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