• Jonathan Miller

This Day in History: January 14

On this day of January 14, the Miami Dolphins made history with the first perfect season in NFL history. They won Super Bowl VII in 1973 against Washington in a 14-7 game.

The game wasn't good for either of the team's quarterbacks, as Miami's quarterback, Bob Griese, passed for only 88 yards, and Washington's quarterback, Billy Kilmer, set the record at the time for most interceptions in a Super Bowl game.

Diana Ross and the Supremes had performed their last ever concert in 1970. It was performed at the Frontier Hotel of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The group was one of Motown's greatest successes. They were able to put up 5 #1 singles in less than a year between 1964 and 1965.

Eventually, the group started to fall apart in 1967, when Motown records chief gave Diane Ross top billing of the Supremes.

The Second Treaty of Paris was ratified by the Continental Congress in 1784. This treaty officially ended the War for Independence, and Britain agreed to recognize the 13 colonies as the United States of America. The treaty made both sides pay the creditors of the other nation the debts made during the war, and gave both nations rights to use the Mississippi river.

The first colonial constitution was established in 1639. It was known as the "Fundamental Orders", and was made by English Puritans of Massachusetts. It was the first written constitution to have the idea of "the foundation of authority is in the free consent of the people." Later, in 1662, the "Fundamental Orders" was superseded by the Charter of Connecticut.

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