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The Scoop: Robert Varnedore, PBIS Student of the Week

Sophomore P.B.I.S. Student of the Week Robert Varnedore was nominated by Mrs. Morgan Henrique

Meet sophomore Robert Varnedore, current P.B.I.S. Student of the Week at Cairo High. The 15-year-old is the son of Connie McKinney and Robert Varnedore.

Robert was nominated by English teacher Mrs. Morgan Henrique because of his generosity and behavior in class, specifically for helping to put away computers.

The Cairo resident, who hopes to start dual enrollment classes this summer, said history is his favorite subject:

"History is my favorite subject because it teaches us how to change so we don't make the same mistakes again."

Robert said that his favorite teachers at CHS are social studies teacher Mrs. Austin Harrell and Mrs. Henrique, although he said it was difficult to choose just one.

The sophomore is a member of CHS "Voices" Show Choir and the newly-founded Political Science club being hosted by Mrs. Harrell. For more information on the club, check out the R&B's earlier story here. Robert is also a staff writer for the Red & Black school newspaper.

In addition to his school work and activities, Robert helps take care of his mother and with chores around the house. He also hopes to begin a part-time job soon.

Robert listed his hobbies as working out, watching anime, reading, writing music, cooking, and being the lead singer in his band.

After graduating from CHS, he plans to attend college to learn how to do animations; he also plans to continue singing in his band.

We here at the CHS Red and Black would like to thank Robert for showing excellence and being a good student!

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