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The Scoop: Media Specialist Mrs. Harrison

Mrs. Jenny Harrison, CHS media specialist


  • Born and raised in Fort Valley, Ga.

  • Married for 15 years to Todd Harrison, son of Linda and Harry Harrison (Whigham, Ga.)

  • Daughters Audrey (12 years) and Ella (9 years)

Alumna of:

  • Peach County High School (1996) – cheerleader

  • Valdosta State University (1999, 2000) – Bachelor of Science in Early Elementary Education (reading), Bachelor of Science in Psychology

  • Georgia College (2003, 2005) – Masters in Media Specialist, Masters in Instructional Technology

Employed as:

  • Byron Elementary School teacher (5 years)

  • Whigham Elementary School media specialist (3 years) - “I wanted to help teachers, that was why I got out [of the classroom], because I knew what it felt like to struggle in the classroom. I wanted to be a media specialist to help teachers, but then I get the bonus of helping students, too.”

  • Cairo High School media specialist and social media coordinator (since 2008) - National Honor Society sponsor (since 2016)

  • Grady County virtual school teacher (since 2020)

Fun Facts:

  • Earned a total of 9 college degrees – 4 associates, 2 bachelors, 2 masters, and 1 specialist

  • Loves reading, especially mystery stories and “what my kids [CHS students] are reading” - “I want to be able to tell my students, ‘Hey, this is really good,’ … or “Be prepared for [fill in the blank] in this book.”

  • Enjoys gardening in her spare time

What working at CHS has taught me:

  • “Do you know what I’ve learned the most about at CHS, is the college application process… We have a guidance department, which is amazing, but they are so overwhelmed with 1300 students… That’s the reason I took on National Honor Society, because the top half kids, people think that they know what they wanna do, and they’re floundering just like everybody else. ‘We don’t know what we’re supposed to do – FAFSA came open today, what does that even mean?’ … So I went in and learned [the college and financial aid application process] has been really unique. And how quickly it changes! Even before COVID, it’ll change on a whim… I’ve learned more about that than I ever expected to.”

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