• Hailey Powell

The Scoop: junior Moesha Williams

Recent Student of the Week Moesha Williams

Meet recent Student of the Week Moesha Williams!

Moesha Williams, daughter of Melanie Simmons-Lee, is a Junior and lives in Cairo. Moesha, 16, was nominated for student of the week by special education teacher Mrs. Regina Mitchell. Mrs. Mitchell says she nominated Moesha because she, “is a very helpful young lady.”

“She is always at school and always attentive, and you can ask her to do anything and she’ll go do it without complaining… She seems to be on the right track to finish high school.”

The 11th-grader’s favorite subject is science. She says her favorite teacher is math instructor Mrs. Paige Banks, “because she is freehearted.”

Moesha is a member of the high school’s Navy Junior ROTC program. She is also involved in the Helping Hands Club, a group of students that lends a hand to special education students and teachers at CHS.

While out of school, Moesha says she enjoys hanging out with friends and traveling. She also works at McDonald’s here in Cairo.

After graduating high school, Moesha says she plans to go to Florida State University to be a surgeon.

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