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The Scoop: Faculty 'Shout Out' winners Ms. Hundley and Mrs. Harrison

Get the "Scoop" on two of Cairo High School's most recent faculty "Shout Out" winners, Media Specialist Mrs. Jenny Harrison and 9th grade Guidance Counselor Ms. Brittany Hundley, then read on to learn more about this new weekly celebration off our teachers' hard work and dedication! While you're at it, get caught up all the latest Red & Black student and faculty spotlights by visiting our Scoops page here!

CHS Guidance Counselor Ms. Brittany Hundley

Ms. Brittany Hundley is the 9th grade guidance counselor at CHS. She has been working at Cairo High for 4 years.

Mrs. Hundley told the Red & Black that she loves what she does. It brings her joy to be able to help and support our students, faculty, and staff:

"Being part of the family at CHS has taught me that we all need each other in one capacity or the other," she said. "With as many things we have been through, our love for each other and this school will always be what makes us the Syrupmakers."

The daughter of Tony and Tiffany Hundley, she grew up in Cairo and graduated from CHS in 2010. During her time in high school, she was a member of the Syrupmaker Band, FBLA, GOIDS Club, and Talent Search. She went on to attend college at Albany State, Thomas University, and Valdosta State University.

She currently lives in nearby Thomasville with her six-year-old son, Oden, and her one-year-old daughter, Wynter.

In her spare time, Ms. Hundley enjoys doing makeup, shopping, arts and crafts, and traveling. One fun fact is that she loves seafood!

CHS Media specialist Mrs. Jenny Harrison

Mrs. Jenny Harrison is the media specialist and social media coordinator at CHS. She is also the sponsor of National Honor Society and the CHS Book Club, also known as the Literary Society.

Mrs. Harrison says that she loves being in the library and working with students, which she has been doing for 16 years now.

She told the Red & Black that working at CHS has taught her that "People are genuinely good. They really try and want to succeed - they sometimes just need some help getting there."

Before coming to CHS in 2008, Mrs. Harrison worked in the classroom as a teacher at Byron Elementary School for five years. She then served as Whigham Elementary School media specialist for three years.

In 1996, she graduated from Peach County High School. During her high school days, she was involved with the drama department and was also a cheerleader.

Mrs. Harrison holds a total of nine degrees from several colleges, includeing ABAC, VSU, Georgia College, State University and NOVA Southeastern.

During her time outside of school she likes to garden, watch football, and spend time with her family, including her husband, Todd Harrison, and daughters Audrey and Ella. She also enjoys reading, of course, especially mystery stories and what books students are currently reading.

“I want to be able to tell my students, ‘Hey, this is really good’ … or 'Be prepared for [fill in the blank] in this book,'" she said.

The "Shout Out" board located in the main CHS lobby

The faculty Shout Out board in the main lobby was created as a way to recognize, appreciate, and acknowledge teachers' hard work and sacrifices publicly, according to Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction Mrs. Brooke Reynolds.

Each Friday, the week's Shout Outs are placed into the "Golden Drum" in the main office, and two winners are drawn.

Lead School Counselor Mrs. Brittany De Plato described this as "a great opportunity for us to celebrate each other and spread a little bit of positivity."

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