• Bella Molique

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for 2021

We all know what's this Thursday! Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather around and give thanks to the people we love. Give some thanks by giving one of your loved ones some of these cool crafting ideas below!

Here are some fun and easy crafts from The Pioneer Woman that'll show just how thankful you really are:

Turkey Windsocks


  • Recycled food can ( cleaned and dried, with top and bottom removed)

  • Brown Paint

  • Craftbond Quick Dry Glue

  • Medium Tip Painters Pen, Orange

  • Large Googly eyes

  • Ribbon's In Fall Colors ( brown, red, orange, yellow)

  • Feathers, Felt, and/or Construction Paper in Fall Colors (can mix and match)

  • Masking Tape (Optional )

How to:

  • Start by painting the can brown and allowing it to dry completely before using the Painter's marker to draw the turkey's beak.

  • Attach the googly eyes to the can using the Craftbond Quick Dry glue.

  • Run a thick line of glue inside the rim at the backside of the can, and attach the turkey’s tail “feathers”(made from actual feathers, construction paper, felt, etc.). Note: if the interior rim of your can has sharp edges, you can cover it with a layer or two of masking tape to protect your fingers!

  • Cut 10-15 pieces of ribbon approximately 18" in length

  • Run another thick line of Craftbond glue around the entire inside rim at the bottom of the can, and use the glue to attach the ribbon streamers. Allow it to dry completely.

  • Use the glue to attach a red waddle ( made of felt or paper) and a ribbon for hanging


Beaded Pipe Cleaner Indian Corn


  • Four or more tan pipe cleaners

  • Pony beads in the colors yellow, orange, white, and maroon

How to:

  • Firstly, take two of your pipe cleaners and make an “X”. Twist them around each other in the middle.

  • Take two more pipe cleaners and wrap them around the middle the same way.

  • Then begin adding the beads onto the pipe cleaners in any pattern you'd like until they are filled

  • Leave a couple of inches at the end of each pipe cleaner

  • Bring all of the ends together, take one of the pipe ends and wrap it around the others

  • Wrap another piece of pipe cleaner around it if it's not secure enough and then you are all done.


Candy Cornucopia


  • Paper cones ( made from paper pre-formed)

  • Brown crepe paper streamers

  • fringe scissors

  • glue stick

  • candy ( candy corn, candy pumpkins, fruit gems, marzipan fruits)

How to:

  • Start by using the fringe scissors to create a fringed length of crepe paper – you’ll need about 7′ for each cornucopia.

  • Starting at the base of the cone, use the glue stick to attach the fringed tissue to the cone, overlapping each layer slightly.

  • When your entire cone is covered in crepe paper, allow the glue to dry completely before rolling the tip of the cone up. Tip: Use a marker to help you roll the tip to create a tighter and more nicely shaped roll! Simply roll the tip of the cone around the marker, hold, and release.

  • Fill the paper cornucopia with all of your favorite harvest candies and then you're finished.


Pine Cone Turkeys


  • pinecones

  • orange felt

  • feathers

  • googly eyes

  • glue

How to:

  • first, cut your feathers in half; horizontally

  • glue your feathers on the bottom of the pinecone

  • glue on the googly eyes

  • cut a small piece of felt and make a tiny cone shape and proceed to glue it onto the pine cone, then your finished


And that's all! Be sure to have some fun and create any of these little crafts for your friends and family or just for decoration this thanksgiving!

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