• Joseph Simmons

Terri Harper, the Future of Women's Boxing?

Terri Harper Working the jab

With lighting-fast hand speed and enough power to KO a horse, Terri Harper is a menace in the boxing women's community.

She terrorizes her opponents with a ram rod left jab and a lightning-quick lead left hook that would put anyone down for the count. Her fancy footwork often leaves her opponents looking helplessly flabbergasted.

The way Harper is running through her opponents with ease, a match up with the destructive former women's P4P queen Katie Taylor may not be too far down the path for the up-and-comer. This match up could be a passing-of-the-torch fight, or it could be Taylor showing why she is regarded as one of the best female boxers ever.

Despite being only 24 years of age, Terri Harper could definitely be the female face of boxing for years to come, a prophecy foreseen by many experts.

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