• Shellie Scott

Taco Bell meat recalled for metal contamination

Taco Bell is having a recall on its seasoned beef due to it being contaminated by metal.

Specifically, Kenosha Beef International is recalling almost two billion pounds of beef from Taco Bell due to it containing metal shavings.

Taco Bell announced that “By Monday, 100% of the product had been removed from all restaurants across 21 states.” Mrs. Julie Masino, the president of North American Taco Bell, has said that nothing is more important to the company than its consumers' safety and their trust.

It was reported by CNN that “Officials discovered the problem after a customer complained of having found a metal shaving in their food, the food chain's news release said.”

Taco Bell and its beef supplier worked to contact the USDA to help shut down the supply chain and to remove the beef from all restaurants and other distributing centers.

Taco Bell is having no luck; months earlier the company had a shortage on tortillas for its tacos and burritos.