• Olivia Simpson

Syrupmaker Band now performing at home basketball games

Syrupmaker Band at home basketball game on January 8

Led by Band Director Mr. John Scanling, the CHS Syrupmaker Band is now performing at home basketball games.

The band is playing the same well-known and loved "stand tunes" played at past football games, including "Let's Go," "Seven Nation Army," "ESPN" and more.

Because of echo effect inside the gym, few band members are needed in order to be heard. Thus, only around 15 band members, at most, will be participating. This is voluntary and not required of the band members.


In other band news, the Syrupmaker Concert Band and Symphony band are currently preparing for the upcoming Large Group Performance Evaluation, or Band "Festival," in March.

At "Festival" the bands will be judged on three prepared pieces as well as sight reading, where the whole bands will be given an unknown piece of music and a limited amount of time to study it before playing it for a judge.

To prepare, the concert and symphony bands spend band class and time after-school practicing the music.

You can read about the band Festivals from the Red & Black's earlier story here.

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