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Students must sign up for clubs by Friday

Virtual and quarantined students must email club sponsor

CHS students have the chance to sign up for clubs and organizations this week, Monday, September 28 – Friday, October 2, 2020. Club/organization sponsors are required to send the front office a list of all club members by next Monday, October 5, so students who are interested in joining a club need to let one of its sponsors know before leaving school on Friday.

Starting next Tuesday, October 6, clubs will meet once a month during the last 15 minutes of first block, from 9:10-9:25 a.m. They will meet either the first or second Tuesday of the month (“A Day” or “B Day”), depending on what the club advisor decides.

This new schedule replaces last year’s protocol of clubs meeting for a longer period of time on designated “advisement days”.

According to Mrs. Tammy Donalson, Vice Principal of Curriculum and Instruction, until sponsors issue club cards, only students who are on the club lists sent to Mrs. Tonnie Gainous will be allowed to leave class to attend a club on club days.

The current list of CHS clubs/organizations and their sponsors is as follows:

Mrs. Donalson said that virtual students “can definitely sign-up for the clubs,” especially if they expect to come back to school in-person in the spring. However, she clarified, they will not be allowed to attend club activities on the CHS campus during the school day as long as they are doing virtual school.

“They chose to be virtual school,” Mrs. Donalson explained, “so… they can’t come to that club meeting [at the end of first block] on campus.”

“But if the club does activities outside of campus, then they can definitely be apart.”

Virtual school students and students who are currently quarantined should email their club sponsor to sign up. Sponsors can also provide additional information about paying dues or obtaining club cards; if a student is on campus, they should speak with their sponsor for more information.

A list of the faculty at Cairo High School and their contact information can be found here; for most teachers, the email address will be "first initial.last name@grady.k12.ga.us". For example, if a student wanted to sign up for the political science club, they would need to email Mrs. Austin Harrell’s at "a.harrell@grady.k12.ga.us" (without the quotation marks, of course).

According to Mrs. Donalson, students must wear masks and social distance during club meetings, to prevent any potential spread of the new coronavirus. Sponsors of large clubs will find a meeting location big enough to allow for social-distancing. Any student in a club sponsor's first block that does not attend any meetings during a particular club day will be sent to the cafeteria during club meeting time, where administrators will oversee students and ensure social distancing guidelines are followed.

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