• MaKayla Cartwright

Solar Panels

Solar energy panels should be something you use for your homes, because they would help save money on the electricity bill you have to pay. It's very good for the environment, and it helps your home go off the grid (if you ever figure out the FBI is hiding something from us -- haha, just joking).

Solar panels definitely helps you to use less electricity in your home, whether your're at home or away on a trip with family or friends for a week. Some other advantages of having solar panels are that they could improve the value of your home, they reduce your carbon footprint, and makes it less likely that you could get electrocuted by any loose wires.

Some disadvantages to having solar panels are that they unfortunately don't work for every roof type, and they aren't an investment to make if you're about to move, because the panels are expensive. You also MUST have licensing requirements, a certification, equipment standards, and interconnection standards in order to be eligible to buy and install them.

However, solar panels are better for the environment than the fossil fuel sources used to power most homes, such as coal and natural gas.

Would you ever invest in solar energy panels for your home if you had all the right requirements and good space for them?

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