• Jade Jones

Show Review: 'The Haunting of Hill House'

Premiering just in time for Halloween two years ago, "The Haunting of Hill House" is a Netflix limited series that alternates between two timelines, one about the events that led up to a particular night in the 1990s, and one about the paranormal events from that year and how they still haunt the family's present life.

The show was based on a novel with the same name by the author Shirley Jackson. The horror/horror fiction/occult fiction show is directed by Mike Flanagan, who has also directed other popular horror movies like "Hush." Based on 97 different reviews, the show has a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and even scored a tweet from Stephen King himself, who shared the following thoughts:

"I don't usually care for this kind of revisionism, but this is great. Close to a work of genius, really. I think Shirley Jackson would approve, but who knows for sure."

Hugh Crain, who is the father of the family, is played by both Henry Thomas, and Timothy Hutton. He sees the least ghosts and ghouls in the house and doubts the kids.

Olivia Crain is the mother of the family; she is played by Carla Gugino and is the one that the house influences the most.

Shirley Crain is the oldest daughter and is played by Elizabeth Reaser and Mckenna Grace. Shirley has several accounts of paranormal activity while living in Hill House, but not as many accounts as her mother did.

Eleanor, or "Nell," Crain is the slightly younger twin of Luke, and the house probably has one of the worst effects on her. She is played by Violet McGraw and Victoria Pedretti. Nell is my favorite character in the series, probably because I feel like she's the most relatable.

My Review:

The Haunting Of Hill House easily has some of the most relatable characters and moments compared to any other show. The director and writer did an amazing job at displaying grief, mental illness, and family. Not only did it do an amazing job of showing these things, but the whole show was also very spooky and definitely amazing if you want a thrill.

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