• Emily Johnson

'Shack Attack' escape room opens in Cairo for Halloween 2019

A picture from inside the Shack Attack escape room

On the night of Halloween 2019, an escape room will be open from 8 p.m. - midnight here in Cairo. It will be extended to Friday and Saturday. The entry fee is $5 per person with a recommended four people to a group. Each group will have thirty minutes to escape. The escape room is located on 88 Market St., across from Maryland Fried Chicken and behind the BP gas station.

Haiylee Prince, creator of the escape room, spoke to the Red & Black. She said, "We are excited to bring some diversity into Cairo. It's something new and exciting that uses skills and helps with group communication." Prince explained that if the escape room goes over well she will continue Shack Attack with alternating themes, possibly being held every weekend.

Considering the thirty-minute time intervals for each group to enter the escape room, The Bait & Tackle Shack (to the left of the escape room) will be selling refreshments like chips and sodas for group intermissions.