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All about NJROTC Orienteering at CHS

Learn more about this challenging activity

Orienteering is a sport where you navigate the wilderness with a map and compass to try to find specific points as fast as you can in areas based in several different counties and states. Anyone is welcome to the sport as long as you are an NJROTC cadet and have the willingness to practice and train your body for the sport.

Runs at competitions are divided into three main categories: yellow, orange, or green, with difficulty ranging from easiest to hardest. Yellow runs are between two to four miles, while green runs can be upwards of seven miles.

NJROTC cadets at Orienteering Camp

Any and all freshman will start at yellow difficulty, working their way up from there. If at the first meet an aptitude to orienteering is shown, some freshman may be placed into harder courses and runs. Harder is not better, however, as winning in all three course difficulties should be sought after to increase score and drive the team to the next competition.

Starting October 31, the Orienteering team will be travelling five hours to the northwest of Atlanta for our first Orienteering meet, the Pirate Classic, followed by two more trips within four weeks' time. Read more about that meet here, as well as other upcoming NJROTC events to look forward to this fall.

Orienteering practice will be scheduled every Monday, where cadets will learn the basics of reading a compass and using the map to orientate themselves through the woods. Team members will also do physical training such as running the bleachers, the track, and various other exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, bear crawls, and relays.

In the past, the farthest the team has gone is Regionals, but Nationals is this year's goal and hopefully beyond that. Currently, there are around 15 people who have joined Orienteering, as well as previous competitors such as myself and other juniors and sophomores competing.

So if you're looking to increase your bodily fitness or trying to join a competitive team in NJROTC then orienteering is for you. If you're already an NJROTC cadet interested in orienteering or wanting to join NJROTC, speak to Master Chief Youngblood or Commander Baker.

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