• Jacqueline Walker

Review: Staind's early 2000's hit 'It's been Awhile'

Staind is an American rock band formed in 1995. Aaron Lewis is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Mike Mushok is the lead guitarist, Johnny April is the bassist and backing vocalist, and Jon Wysocki is the drummer. They wrote a song called, “It’s been awhile.”

Released in 2001, the song's genre is alternative metal. The song is part of the "Break the Cycle" album which was their third studio released through Elektra Entertainment and Flip Records in 2001. It is Staind's most successful album to date, and was the album that broke them into the mainstream.

As a CHS student, I have to say that they are one of my favorite bands, and the song "It’s been Awhile" is also one of my favorite songs by them. The song has more than one meaning, and he speaks about a lot of things, but the main three are rehab, addiction, and relationships.

According to Songmeanings, "he writes this at a stand point where he no longer uses. It's (about) the actual addiction he had and the affect the drugs had on him, as well as the reason for taking them, i.e. his strained relationship with his father and his low self-esteem for mistakes and what not.”

It seems that he’s admitting that he ran to drugs to feel better about himself and about what he was going through with his father.

The song is like the beginning of someone who has to search, who has to be fearless, and to be honest with himself in order to get through what he's going through to survive.

The song does have a couple of profanities, but I do encourage you to research the song and listen. I believe that it can help people who are struggling with any of those three themes: rehab, addiction, and relationships.