• Shyla Roan

Returning students take MAP Growth & HMH Growth Measure tests

This week, Monday, January 10 - Thursday, January 13, at Cairo High School, all 9th - 11th grade students will be taking the MAP Growth Assessment and the HMH Growth Measure Assessment. These tests are important and are used to show how much students have increased in learning and what they need to continue on learning based off of the test that was taken back in October of 2021.

These tests will be taken on a computer, so it is very important that they are fully-charged every day. After taking the test, each student will receive an "RIT Score," which shows the academic growth and progress that has been made yearly.

Our Guidance Department recommends that it's best to make sure you get a good night's rest and be sure you eat before proceeding to take these test. Also, it is important to always do your best on these tests so that you can be placed in the proper classes to further your learning and education.

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