• Emily Johnson

Release info and contrasts between Switch Lite and Switch

Those who enjoy video games have all likely heard of the Nintendo Switch, the console meant for handheld gamers. With removable controllers (called “joy-cons”), motion and sound sensors, and multiplayer gaming, it is much like the Wii from years ago.

Nintendo has always been big and popular in the gaming industry; the company is especially popular right now with the release of the new Switch Lite on September 20 in the Nintendo family. The Nintendo Lite will start at $199.99. The Nintendo Switch is also still available for $299.99.

Nintendo Lite bases colors

Unlike the Switch, the Lite model is slightly smaller, and the controllers are not removable. Multiplayer gaming is still available, but two people cannot play on the Lite itself. The other player must have his or her own Lite or Switch to be able to play.

Currently, there are three Lite base colors: Blue, gray, and yellow. Skins will be soon available to purchase for those who do not wish to keep a limited base color.

The Switch comes with a controller where you can slide the joy-cons and use it as if it were a traditional controller. It also comes with a charging dock that connects to your TV, making gameplay portable or at-home. The Lite, however, does not come with a controller or dock because of the inability to remove the joy-cons.

Nintendo Switch dock and traditional-like controller

Imore provides us with more information: “The Switch Lite weighs even less at .61 pounds and the 5.5-inch screen is about the size of an average smartphone. This smaller version feels better in your hands since it was designed as a dedicated handheld device and it's easier to transport wherever you go. Keep in mind that both devices have the same resolution.”