• Elly Groh

Red currants: an exotic mixture of flavors worth trying

My mother and I have started to try fruits that aren't so common for the average American. One of these fruits is the red currant, which is a kind of berry native to Europe. They are related to the gooseberry and are about the size of a blueberry. This kind of currant has a shiny, orb-like berry attached to a greenish branch, similar in overall appearance to a bundle of grapes.

They have the texture of what you would imagine a grape and a blueberry combined would have. Their taste is a lot like a raspberry with its tart flavor. Mixed in with the sweetness of a ripe blueberry, its a really good combination of flavors. The seeds are pretty big for a berry but are chewable.

The ones that we got were a product from Chile, and for the most part, they were really good quality. There were only one or two of them that were starting to go bad.

For the price, it wasn't that bad for an exotic food. It's one of those fruits that you could sit there and just eat the entire container. I would highly suggest trying some at least once!