• Courtney Baker

Red & Black Preview 2019: Cairo vs. Columbus

This Friday, October 4, the Cairo Syrupmakers will take on the Columbus Blue Devils in an away conference game at 7:30 p.m.

The Columbus Blue Devils overall are 1-3. Columbus won against Spencer 20-14 on August 23, then lost to Troup on September 5, 13-68. On September 13, Columbus lost to Westover, 14-44. Columbus has also lost to Carver 10-51 September 26. The Columbus Blue Devils' regional record is 0-2. Their region games were against Westover (14-44) and Carver (10-51).

Columbus appears to have three quarterbacks on their roaster, but Jonathan Powell, who is a sophomore and weighs 185 lbs and is 6'0," has the most yards per game (40.5). Jahshua Jackson, a 6'2," 168 lb junior has the most total yards (122).

Trey Peterson has rushed for the most yards (129) and also has two touchdowns. Peterson is a senior running back who weighs 178 lbs and is 5'10.'' He also has the most yards per game (43) and receiving yards per game (23 yards; 70 total).

Thaddous Askew Jr. is the Blue Devils' leading tackler with 28 solo tackles and 30 tackles in total. The cornerback is a sophomore who is 5'10" and weighs 160 lbs.

Last year, Syrupmakers defeated the Blue Devils 46-7. Hopefully, it will be the same outcome this year.

Syrupmakers, we got this! "Let's Eat" this Friday. Time to "Drown them with Syrup!"




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