• Hayden Hodges

Record Breaking Glass Bridge Set to Open April 30th

A 2,073.5-foot-long glass bridge in the town of Moc Chau in Vietnam will soon open to locals and tourists. The deck of the bridge is only 40 millimeters thick, hovers over a 150-meter drop, and spans 2,073.5 feet. This combined with the fact that the deck is completely transparent makes the bridge a sure tourist attraction.

It is now known as the world's longest glass bridge, as well as the world's most dangerous bridge. The Moc Chow Tourist Area is completing procedures to seek Guinness world record recognition as the world’s longest glass bridge.

A representative of the Tourist Area, Hoang Manh Duy, said “When it is opened, only 500 people will be allowed to walk on the bridge at a time to ensure safety. Officials sat the bridge is set to open on April 30.