• Red & Black Staff

Fashion Tips for 2019 Homecoming Week

By Courtney Baker & Shellie Scott

Homecoming 2019 is this week at Cairo High School, and each day has its own theme.

Monday will be "Millionaire Monday," which is also known as "Dress for Success."

For this day, girls, you can wear your most glamorous dress, blouse and skirt, and possibly even a nice pant suit.

Guys, for your "Dress for Success," you could wear your best button-down shirt and khakis. If you’re feeling more self–confident than usual, you should wear your best suit!

Tuesday will be "Team Day." Everybody, wear your favorite team’s jersey. Girls and guys, lets be ready to rock those jerseys! Let’s show some team pride for your favorite team!

Wednesday will be "Western Wednesday"; let’s get those “Boots Knocking,” as Luke Bryan would say.

Ladies, let’s break out that plaid or flannel to rock with your boots, and to even catch that western vibe, braid your hair. Those pigtail braids never let anyone down.

Guys, it's time to dust off your cowboy hats! Get your plaid shirts to rock with your boots and hats, and if you’re feeling extra school spirited, find you a vest and be the sheriff of the Wild West!

According to Coach Fallaw, students can wear cowboy hats on Wednesday, as long as their outfits are otherwise still in dress code.

Thursday is a major favorite of students: "Twin Day"!

Girls, get your best friends, and let’s match with your favorite things. Some different themes would be the Things from Dr. Seuss’s “The Cat and the Hat.” You can also dress up as different M&M colors.

Guys, get your fellas and match in different ways. If you don’t want to dress up, you all could wear the same type of shirt and the same color of shorts.

For the couples, wear matching outfits to have that couple goal credit and to be able to take super cute pictures together.

Finally, Friday will be School Spirit day! Let’s show off our school spirit to wear red and black to support our school and football players as they get ready to take on the Shaw Raiders.

Everyone have a great time and show that school pride!