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Q&A: CHS Theatre cast of 'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown'

"Schroeder" and "Lucy" (Mason Best and Corrine Carrillo) rehearse their lines

Cairo High School Theatre students are currently preparing for their upcoming Spring Musical, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” The performances will take place at the CHS auditorium with the first show opening taking place on May 2, 2020, at 2 p.m., a second opening the same night at 7 p.m., and a final show on May 3, 2020, at 2 p.m. All shows are free.

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The Red & Black recently had a chance to speak with the cast of the musical. The young actors were asked several questions, such as how they felt about the characters that they will be playing, as well as what the process is like as they are getting ready to perform the play. You can read their responses below.

How do you feel about being part of t

his cast and your particular role?

The young actors seem to have a connection with their characters, giving them a greater chance to bring their characters to life.

Zoe Watson, (Snoopy) – “I am beyond excited to portray Snoopy, as he played such a huge role in my childhood.”
  • Alani Pope, (Linus Van Pelt)

- “I feel like this role is perfect for me as I nearly act like Linus himself.”

How comfortable do you feel working with your cast members?

  • Zoe Watson, (Snoopy) - “All of us are family; we support each other no matter what, even on our worst days.”

What inspired you to audition?

Tanner Davis (Charlie Brown), Corrine Carrillo (Lucy Van Pelt), Mason Best (Schroder), Iversyn Session (Sally Brown), and Zoe Watson (Snoopy) all said that they were inspired to audition by their love and absolute passion for drama and theatre, itself.

Do you ever get nervous onstage? What are some tactics to get rid of the nerves?

Even some of the students who aren’t seen on stage get nervous, hence why they work backstage.

Corrine Carrillo (Lucy Van Pelt) - “I get a little nervous right before the show starts, but I just breath and go with the flow.”
  • Alondra Ortiz (Props Mistress) –“I get extremely nervous on stage, which is part of why I work backstage.”

Have you watched any “Charlie Brown” movies/cartoons or read any of the comics to prepare for your role? Were you a fan of the movies/comics before being part of this musical?

There was a variety of answers with the first part of the question, between being familiar with "Charlie Brown" movies/comics and never seeing anything related to "Charlie Brown." However, all cast members the Red & Black spoke with seem to be very passionate about their roles and characters by finding time on their own to do some research.

  • Iversyn Session (Sally Brown) –“I have researched scenes and the overall history of my character.”

How much time have you spent preparing for your role?

Most of the students gave an amount of time, some since the day he or she got the part, and others who have practiced for two weeks and hours.

  • Alani Pope (Linus Van Pelt)-” All the time I can manage.”

Is it hard to remember all your lines without your script?

Most of the actors say it is hard to remember their lines just as we would assume, but they all work hard to perfect their lines to the best of their ability.

Mason Best (Schroeder) -“Yes, but I feel it has made my memory overall better.”
  • Zoe Watson (Snoopy)- "No way, once you get into character, the lines come naturally.”

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