• Shellie Scott

Popeye's sandwich craze causes sellout

The new craze over Popeye's chicken sandwich is almost near its end. According to Fox News, locations could possibly be out of their the chicken sandwich inventory by the end of September due to its rapid sells.

"As a result Popeye's restaurants ... are expected to sell out of the Chicken Sandwich by the end of this week," Fox News reported.

The sandwich had caught so much attention through Popeye's advertisements and by people comparing this sandwich to Chick-fl-A's chicken sandwich.

Example of people comparing the two

As people created memes about the sandwich, the sandwich's popularity grew, so when the sandwich came out on August 12, Popeye's locations across the country were packed out.

Many restaurants have created chicken sandwiches, but never have they had such a craze like this.

Will Popeye's be ready for round two of the chicken sandwich?

Are their competitors ready? Everyone will see when they restock on their famous chicken sandwich.