• Perla Tiburcio

Poem: Bored in Quarantine

Bored being stuck in the house,

More fun is being enjoyed by that little home mouse.

Pets have had their share of fun too,

But now they are getting tired of seeing us sit on the couch feeling blue.

Some people are enjoying this quarantine because of the free time,

Some painting, some reading, some cooking, some resulted in making slime.

People are stuck inside with nothing to do, starting to get impatient and mad,

For those that have no hobbies I feel bad.

Some have learned to dance, paint, and even worse pull pranks,

They share their boredom with us on the internet to lighten up the situation, thanks.

People don’t even get the opportunity to enjoy the company of their family and friends,

We stay home and wonder about the who, what, and whens.

Teachers are assigning work, giving us a chance to use our time wisely,

Some students still won’t do the work after being asked nicely.

Some of us would skip school,

Later in the end to result in school skipping us, not cool.

Most of us spend our days staring at a screen

Even the lazy people are using their free time to clean.

We are stuck between bored or not bored during this quarantine.