• Hailey Powell

Picture day is next Tuesday at CHS

Picture day is quickly approaching for students of Cairo High School. On Tuesday, October 20, BPI Photography will be here to take the yearbook photos of students. The picture day information sheet and order form was given out on Monday, October 12 by first block teachers. Many different package options are offered for families who would like to purchase the photos of their student.

Picture day is for all CHS 9-11th graders and 12th graders who missed the chance to take their Senior portraits over the summer. This includes virtual students. On-campus students will be called by grade and last name to take their pictures during the school day.

Picture day information sheet and order forms were passed out on Monday, October 12 in first block.

Virtual school students need to come to school to pick up their picture day information sheet and order form. Virtual school students will need to come afterschool from 2:30-4 p.m. on October 20 to take their photos.

If students are placing orders for school photos in-person, families must choose your package and add-on items on the order form, enclose payment, and return it to CHS on picture day.

According to the picture day information sheet, credit card payments are accepted online only.

Only cash, checks, and money orders, to be made payable to BPI Photography, will be accepted for in-person orders.

To order online, families must place your order before picture day. Go to www.bpiphotography.net or use the QR code provided on the information sheet. Next, you should enter your school name and choose your packages and bonus add-ons. No shipping charges will be implemented for pre-pay online orders, according to BPI.

If families have multiple students and plan to purchase multiple packages, they may take $2.00 off of each package purchased. This rule applies only to packages, not bonus items. This discount is not available for those purchasing online.

Parents are asked to contact BPI Photography with any photo related questions. Do not call the school!

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