• MaKayla Cartwright

Opinion: Why is Snapchat so addicting?

Snapchat is a social media app that a ton of people use. Evan Spiegel is the CEO, and the company headquarters are in Santa Monica, Cal. The app can be used to send selfies, save them, chat, video chat, or post something that only lasts 24 hours. You can also start "streaks" with people.

Streaks are just something you get when you "snap" somebody for a certain amount of days, weeks, months, or years. Teenagers nowadays use Snapchat more than most social media sites.

In my opinion, Snapchat is just an app that is simple to use to communicate without anything getting saved unless people save messages.

Teens seem to care more for their streaks on Snapchat because it keeps them busy. At some point, teens will get mad or annoyed if a streak gets lost, or if there is a timer by the other person's name.

This is an app most kids use to post without worrying about their parents seeing things they post. Sometimes kids have their parents on there and just don't care.

Like with me, I don't care if my parents see what I post because it's not going to bother me, and I don't post anything bad enough to get in trouble. My brother also has a Snapchat, and he also doesn't care if our parents see what he posts.

Snapchat has become the biggest social media app a ton of teens use for a lot of things. Some adults also use Snapchat, but they barely understand what it is or how to use it.

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