• Jade Jones

Opinion: President Biden's town hall meeting in Milwaukee

A few nights ago on February 16, President Joe Biden attended a town hall meeting in Milwaukee to answer some questions about the global pandemic and about Donald Trump.

President Joe Biden speaks at the town hall meeting in Milwaukee on February 16

When asked about the pandemic, Biden expressed lots of hope for our near future and explained that in a year from now, significantly fewer people will have to wear masks and socially distance.

He also explained that when the next school year starts in September, it will be a traditional school year and that we will be in a much better position than we are currently.

While I think it's nearly impossible to have a perfect plan for something as unpredictable and tragic as a global pandemic, I do think that President Biden will try as hard as he can to calmly go about finding a way to address the issue maturely.

Biden was also able to express how he feels about former President Donald Trump: "I'm tired of talking about Donald Trump, I don't wanna talk about him anymore," Biden stated. He went on to say, "Look, for four years all that's been in the new is Trump. The next four years I want to make sure all the news is the American people."

It's true that I absolutely hate to idolize politicians and do not particularly like Biden, but I agree that for a while, America has only been focused and worried about the giant mess that is Donald Trump. It's refreshing to have a president who actually focuses on America's problems and the problems of our citizens instead of having a president who acts solely on emotions and how he's feeling at the time. Somewhere along his speech, Biden also referred to Trump as "the former guy," which I personally happen to find find extra funny.

One of the other things that was brought up in Biden's meeting was whether he would allow the Department of Justice to ever investigate Trump. He answered this question by talking about how politicized the Justice System has become now: "Any of you who are lawyers know, whether you're a democrat, republican, conservative, or liberal it has been more politicized than any Justice Department in American history."

The American Justice Department is broken. There is absolutely no getting around that. It fails thousands of people yearly. The whole system needs to be rebuilt; it's so old that it no longer applies to how our country works anymore. Biden was 100 percent correct when talking about this, and I couldn't agree more.

Overall, Biden isn't the ideal president, but I do think that he's a lot better than what we had in office. I thoroughly enjoyed watching his town hall meeting, and I think that he could do a lot of good for our country in the next four years.

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