• MaKayla Cartwright

Opinion: Positive energy

Positive energy is a great thing to always have in your life, because it keeps you in great moods and keeps your mind calm.

Let's say you want to work out one day, but you don't feel confident about it. The best thing to do is think of something positive to motivate you to do some workouts!

I believe that if you don't have positive energy in your life things won't go the way they should, and your life could turn out to be very different then how you wish it to be. In order to keep the positive energy, you have to stay away from the negative thoughts as much as possible.

It's important to focus on positive thoughts especially in a workplace and around new people, because you don't want to give off the wrong impression to them. Having a positive attitude at school, as well, will get you through the day!

Today at my grandparents, I saw a little girl stay calm and keep her positive energy while another kid was yelling and getting upset because she was going to fast. This young girl was able to resist getting angry, and she continued giving out positive words to the girl who was yelling at her.

What are some of ways you can maintain positive energy towards the people around you? Mine are to always smile and to give back good vibes, even if it's hard because someone is speaking to me in a negative tone.

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