• Ashley Haga

Notre Dame Cathedral fire in Paris, what is known

For many people all around the world, the Notre-Dame Cathedral is a sacred place, a beautifully built representation of Gothic architecture. The Notre-Dame took 182 years to be completed and has been standing for 850 years.

All was well and the cathedral was under reconstruction which a fire started; at the time of writing, its cause is still unknown. The tragedy happened during the Holy Week, a very important week for the Catholic Church with Easter in the coming days.

The fire started at roughly, 6 p.m. on Monday, April 15, 2019; this was the the time that the first call for emergency services was made, and even though someone called, there was no fire visible at this time. About 20 minutes later, another emergency call came in; this time the fire was visible. Around 400 firefighters deployed to the scene, who were a little late because of rush hour happening at this same time. The fire, without an exact known cause, spread too quickly to be contained right then and there. The fire burned 1,000 square meters, or 10,763 square feet.

The Notre-Dame's famous framed spire fell at around 8 p.m., with thousands and thousands of Parisians watching from all over Paris, quiet and horrified.

President Emmanuel Macron announced to he public at almost 11 p.m. that "The worst has been avoided. The façade and the two main towers did not collapse."

By early Tuesday morning, the fire was contained, with the fire brigade announcing to the public that the fire had been completely extinguished roughly nine hours after it started.

The main structure may have been saved, but the central spire was destroyed, and the oak roof named "the forest" for the fact that it needed a forest amount of trees to build it, was largely destroyed. Many pieces of art were saved or found in good condition. The sacred artifacts, the Crown of Thorns and the Tunic of Saint Louis, were both saved, and the cathedral's irreplaceable rose windows and organ were both, thankfully, found in in good condition.

Donations for the rebuilding have already begun to be sent in, by both Francios Henri Pinult ($113 million), Bernard Arnault and his LVMH group ($226 million), and many other places or business and people.

Everyone is praying for a fast recovery of the cathedral, and also for Paris and the people who had to witness this heartbreaking moment.

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