• Hayden Hodges

Nonprofit event working to help the community

The Thomasville Community Resource Center is currently hosting “Covey Film Festival,” with the next event being held on Aug. 16, 2019. A film festival is an event hosted by local communities, usually featuring films that are made by independent film developers or films that went under the radar for most people.

This is the 20th year The Covey Film Festival has been hosted, and according to the event's website, it is “Not just an opportunity to sit down and eat popcorn while watching the big screen.”

This year's event will include 15 films throughout the year and is a non-profit event giving back to the local community. It is used as a fundraiser for the Thomasville Community Resource Center, which claims “All proceeds from the Covey Film Festival benefit the Thomasville Community Resource Center which serves over 500 children in the region.”

The name “Covey” means a small flock of quail. The term is used in its marketing, along with an image of a quail, meant to represent the community of the Thomasville area.

Tickets are available for a $20 donation, or you can purchase single film tickets for $10 each.

There are also two special events happening in the near future. One is titled “Woodstock," which the website describes as “(an) iconic musical documentary covers the three-day 1969 music festival.” This event will be held on August 16, at 6 p.m., located at SASS’s Wagner room.

The second event is titled “Seed.” The description of this event lists "Seed" as "the story of one man’s journey to grow food, people and community.” "Seed" will be hosted on Sept. 28, 2019, at 4 p.m., located at The Center for the Arts Auditorium.

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