• Victoria Nix

NJROTC to sponsor two upcoming area competitions in October

NJROTC rifles stored in the "Bosn's Locker"

On October 24, the NJROTC program will be co-sponsoring two Area 12 competitions at Cairo High School, including a Triathlon Challenge and a drone championship.

The annual Cairo Triathlon Challenge is an event Commander Alex Baker first put together six years ago; this year, NJROTC units from other schools will visit CHS and join with our cadets to participate in a rifle match; a “brain brawl” competition similar to Jeopardy; timed push ups and sit ups; and a run.

The competition was planned to be a virtual event due to COVID and social distancing, but instructors from other schools contacted Commander Baker and expressed interest in travelling to hold it face-to-face.

Commander Baker expects eight to ten schools to participate, along with CHS, including schools from Jacksonville, Lee County, and schools from the Atlanta area.

The rifle competition will take place in the new indoor practice range, located in the NJROTC complex of the Vocational Building. The team is currently awaiting the arrival of the indoor scoring system in order to complete the range (see photo below). Meanwhile, the Brain Brawl will take place in the College and Career Academy's tiered auditorium.

This is the first year that NJROTC students will be able to participate in a sanctioned drone championship, which will be taking place at the same time as the Triathlon Challenge on October 24; four CHS NJROTC students will compete against units from other school from around Georgia and the Jacksonville area.

According to Commander Baker, the event will consist of four different competitions, including a race, an obstacle course, precision landing, and a blind landing challenge in which the operator will not be able to view the landing location but will instead be guided by another partnered student.

The new indoor rifle practice range, located in the Vocational Building, will soon be finished with the addition of the electronic scoring system, including television monitors that will be attached to the ceiling.

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