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Nivel donates flash drives to CHS students

By Diane Gomez and Mary Harrison

Ti'yona Bogan, Shanda Coronado, and Montana Carroll pose with three of the "hundreds" of flashdrives local company Nivel donated to CHS students.

Local business Nivel donated hundreds of flash drives to Cairo High School, according to Mrs. Michelle Ausley, CHS Work-Based Learning (WBL) Coordinator and Career Counselor.

When Mrs. Ausley invited Nivel Human Resources & Safety Coordinator Ms. Chelsie Cosby to a bi-annual Business and Work-Based Learning Advisory Committee meeting on Thursday, November 19, Ms. Cosby replied saying they would like to come and had "boxes and boxes" of flash drives they would like to give to CHS.

Mrs. Ausley said she "answered immediately and said 'Yes, thank you so much for thinking about us! Plus, we're having laptops distributed the following week, and so we'll just tell them that it's coming from you guys, that you partnered with us.'"

"They just wanted all students that needed them to have them," Mrs. Ausely remarked. The flash drives were handed out to Seniors first, since they were the first to receive school-issued laptops beginning on Monday, November 16.

The USB flash drives were black, came with a lanyard, and had two gigabytes of memory. Mrs. Ausley says, "there were hundreds. [Ms. Cosby] couldn't tell me exactly how many, but - hundreds of flash drives."

"I want to thank Nivel for thinking about Cairo High School and the College and Career Center," Mrs. Ausley shared, "It was very meaningful to us for them to think about us when they saw the flash drives and to make the effort to deliver them. We just want to thank you very much, and the students thank you very much!"

Through the "Business Partnerships with Cairo High School" initiative, Mrs. Ausley explained, each department in the high school's CTAE program has their own Advisory Committee. The committee is made up of local businesses that inform work and professional skills curriculum for CHS Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) courses.

According to Mrs. Ausley, Cairo High School's Work-Based Learning program and Nivel are Business Partners: "I try to find them employees, so to say - I have found a couple for them so far - and they come back and help us with things like the flash drives or giving me information about what they're looking for in an employee at their business."

A box of flash drives donated by Nivel.

This isn't the first time Nivel has been involved with encouraging career development at the high school. Since announcing that they were moving more manufacturing jobs to Cairo in the spring of 2019, Nivel has conducted three job fairs at CHS, Mrs. Ausley says. At one in early May, they hired Hannah Hester, a member of the CHS Class of 2019, and she began working with them immediately upon graduation.

“They are very interested in working with the high school to develop internships and build a curriculum around their specific needs… This is a big opportunity for some of our high school students,” Mr. Julian Brown, Grady County Joint Development Authority Executive Director at the time, told The Cairo Messenger in February of 2019.

According to The Cairo Messenger, Nivel Parts & Manufacturing Company, LLC, a Jacksonville-based organization, converted their warehouse for their Madjax wholesale golf cart accessories line into a manufacturing plant in 2018. They moved all manufacturing operations to Cairo in May of 2019.

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