• Addie Childree

Nivel congratulates senior WBL students

CHS seniors Madison Abbott (second from left) and Sanaa Augusta (far right) earned work-based learning credit through Nivel Manufacturing this year

Nivel Manufacturing has hosted four senior Work-Based Learning (WBL) apprentices this year, including CHS seniors Madison Abbott and Sanaa Augusta.

On Tuesday, May 18, the company congratulated Madison and Sanaa, as well as their fellow WBL apprentices from Thomas County Central (pictured above), by treating them to lunch from Mr. Chick and presenting them with Nivel backpacks full of college essentials and gift cards, according to Human Resource Specialist Chelsie Cosby.

The company released a statement saying,

"We have enjoyed having them and are proud of Madison A., Madison B., and Sanaa as they venture off to college after summer break. We are also excited to have Sara join our team full time!"

CHS Work-Based Learning Coordinator Mrs. Michelle Ausley told the Red & Black, "The Work-Based Learning program at Cairo High School provides a chance for students to grow in a future career. It allows students to finish up high school but work at a job simultaneously."

"It teaches skills to use in the real world and apply to the work force," she said.

In particular, the business part of the program has several opportunities for students to develop business skills, she said:

"The program allows the skills learned in our business classrooms to be applied to the real world of business."

Overall, the business aspect of Work-Based learning has led to steps in the right direction for many students.

"When students have the opportunity to get their feet wet and their hands in the real world at this level, it opens up many doors of possibilities," Mrs. Ausley said.

Madison, who is a two-year Work-Based Learning student, spoke of her experience in the program:

"WBL has been one of the most memorable things I’ve done during my high school years. I’ve had the amazing opportunity of learning new soft skills and putting them to use in everyday life and in the workplace. I have been very fortunate to work with a amazing team at Nivel Manufacturing. I’ve definitely enjoyed my time in the “windshield department” working and gaining knowledge from such amazing mentors. It’s been a amazing experience in all. I’m happy I had the access to such a good program in my school!”

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